Walmart's New Content Initiative: Good or Bad News for Suppliers?

Walmart's New Content Initiative: Good or Bad News for Suppliers?

If you haven’t heard already, Walmart just announced a new content initiative looking to, “build a transparent, global product catalog of all items that can be potentially transacted within the Walmart ecosystem,” according to Ram Rampalli, Senior Director and Chief Content Evangelist at Walmart Global eCommerce. “The Walmart catalog now exceeds 23 million items and we want every supplier to have the best content possible on We’re now working with preferred content partners to streamline this process.”

This newly launched content quality initiative is good news for suppliers. Great news actually.

In layman’s terms, rather than spend mass amounts of resources to collect product content from its many suppliers, Walmart is turning to strategic partners like Content Analytics to enable suppliers to syndicate, manage and analyze their content on easily, and in a matter of minutes — as opposed to the previous resource-heavy process. This is also a win for Walmart, as it ensures consistency in quality content and performance.

As a preferred Walmart partner, and the only “Control Center for eCommerce,” Content Analytics is working with thousands of suppliers to improve the quality of product pages on Walmart is banking on this better product content leading to more sales.

How to Take Advantage of Walmart’s New Content Quality Push

Walmart’s new initiative provides an incredible opportunity to bolster sales, grow your revenue and it is mutually beneficial to both you and Walmart.

“Simply put, better content means more visits and higher conversion rates,” – David Feinleib, CEO of Content Analytics.

Contact us to start optimizing your content for conversion. We’ll give you a quick 30 minute overview and provide a content quality health evaluation to kickstart the process.

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