Speed Time to Market on Walmart.com with Easy Item Setup for DSVs

Speed Time to Market on Walmart.com with Easy Item Setup for DSVs

Content Analytics, in partnership with Walmart.com, is rolling out a new capability that significantly reduces the time, effort, and resources for Drop Ship Vendors (DSVs) to get their items setup with Walmart.com.

With this new capability, Content Analytics can reduce time-to-market for DSVs on Walmart.com from upwards of five weeks to under 10 days.

Our technology, combined with a direct line to Walmart.com’s API, allows us to automate the process for item setup. Until now, this has been a very manual process that could take up to five weeks. What this means for DSVs is they can now get their products to market faster, with fewer errors and resources.

Getting your items setup on Walmart.com is now easier than ever. Here’s how it works:
  1. Fill in and complete the current item setup form
  2. Upload the item setup form into the item setup interface in Content Analytics
  3. Upload item content and Images

Content Analytics is proud to be the first Content Service Provider for Walmart that offers these integrated Item Setup capabilities. We offer DSV Item Setup as part of our end to end eCommerce Management System that includes analytics, product content management and reporting all in one easy to use platform.

Let us help you get to market quicker on Walmart.com.


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