Introducing: Where to Buy

Introducing: Where to Buy

Great product content drives conversion, and that content will live in many places, including your brand website. With Where to Buy, it's easy to take advantage of the great conversion-driving content on your website. It's an easy-to-implement solution that connects visitors with product purchase. With one simple click, the Where to Buy widget lets your visitors see which online retailers sell your products, which retailers have those products in stock, and how they compare on price.

where to buy reporting

Turn browsers into buyers.

Shoppers can click through from your brand website to purchase the item of interest directly on the retailer’s website. Where to Buy provides an alternative to implementing your own eCommerce (direct to consumer) solution or it can be used as a complement to direct-to-consumer offerings.

Where To Buy is integrated with the Content Analytics eCommerce Control Center. Existing customers can access the new capability directly from the platform. For new customers, it is available as a stand-alone capability or as part of our eCommerce Control Center.


Where To Buy Reporting

It’s easy to see which retailers are performing the best in terms of click through rates. Integrated reporting keeps track of shopper click-throughs to retailer web sites. To zoom in on performance, you can filter by product or by retailer.


where to buy reporting dashboard

Implementing Where To Buy

Implementing the Where To Buy widget is as simple as adding a few lines of Javascript to your brand website. We take it from there. You can configure:

  • The retailers that are included
  • How the retailers should be ordered (alphabetically, by price, by click-through-rate or randomly)
  • The colors, font and button types that should be used in the popup

We can also create an entirely custom solution for you based on your needs.


Shoppable Content

One of the biggest emerging trends in eCommerce is Shoppable Content. Shoppable content combines content like recipes with the ability to click through and purchase the ingredients included in those recipes. By embedding the Where To Buy widget as a link in your brand content, you get one step closer to making this kind of Shoppable Content a reality. Imagine enabling a shopper to purchase all the ingredients for a chocolate cookie recipe directly from the brand page that has the recipe on it. That’s shoppable content.

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