Mattel and Content Analytics: Finding Success Together

Mattel and Content Analytics: Finding Success Together

Our team has been working with one of the largest toy companies in the world – Mattel – to help them overcome some fundamental challenges that every brand faces online: improving their overall content health, lowering out of stock rates, and streamlining third-party sales channels. This year, things have been heading in a very positive direction for the stalwart brand, so much so that Celebrate Magazine dedicated an article to Mattel’s eCommerce accomplishments.


This month’s Supplier Spotlight (a section devoted to how brands are investing in new technologies) talks a little bit about some of the key milestones my team hit for Mattel, including:

  • Optimizing its top SKU pages
  • Decreasing out-of-stock rates by 62% during the key holiday buying season (November-December, 2016)
  • Improving in-stock rates by 21%
  • Creating the Mattel Shop, a sales channel for third-party buyers to secure the buy cycle for out of stock items


If my clients aren’t successful, our team isn’t either. So, when I read quotes like this, I know we’re getting something right:

“When you’re dealing with thousands of SKUs across multiple channels, having the right tools and data consolidated in one place helps us pinpoint exactly where to accelerate change.”

Erika Zubriski, Vice President Sales, Mattel

After a year of measurable growth, the toy giant, along with our guidance, has nominated areas where their overall content quality needs to be assessed and regularly monitored. In 2017, Mattel is looking forward to improving their overall content quality across their entire product assortment.

You can download the article here.

Thanks again to Celebrate for their generous coverage.

David Feinleib
Author, Founder, and CEO, Content Analytics, Inc.

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