3 Things You Need To Know To Win Amazon's Buy Box

3 Things You Need To Know To Win Amazon's Buy Box

Many sellers on Amazon are unaware of just how important it is to not only win the Buy Box, but to continue winning it over time. Here’s what you need to know about Amazon's buy box and how you can win time and time again. 

Winning The Buy Box on Amazon


A Fact You Need to Know to be Successful on Amazon

Winning the Buy Box is key to increasing your sales on Amazon.

When there are multiple sellers of an item, most shoppers don’t bother to scroll through the list of additional sellers—and why should they? After all, if Amazon has selected a particular seller to win the Buy Box, there’s a good chance that that seller is the best choice.

Winning the Buy Box is a lot like being in the top few positions in Google for a given search result—but with only one slot. So if you’ve managed to get the shopper to your product, it’s critical to hold onto that shopper win it comes time to convert by clicking the Add to Cart button.


2 Major Factors That Influence Winning the Buy Box


#1 Price

Price is one of two major factors that determine whether you’ll win the Buy Box. Without the lowest price, it’s virtually impossible to win the buy box because Amazon will select the lowest price seller.

Of course, the first step in winning is to determine how often you’re losing the Buy Box. Amazon has some built-in reports that will tell you what percentage of the time you’re winning (and losing) the buy box, but those tools won’t alert you when you lose the buy box. So by the time you check a report, you may have lost thousands of dollars in sales to another seller.


#2 Availability

The other key factor in winning the buy box is availability. If your product goes out of stock, you can’t win the Buy Box. Amazon will show your product as completely unavailable—if there are no other sellers. Or if there are other sellers, the lowest priced among those sellers will win the buy box.

So not only do you need alerts that will tell you if you’ve lost the Buy Box; you also need alerts that will tell you why you lost the buy box. Was it due to not having the lowest price or to being out of stock?

Rather than having to figure that out yourself—simply setup alerts for your products and we’ll tell you not only if you lose the buy box but whether it was due to a price or availability issue.


Learn More About Our Buy Box and Out of Stock Automated Alerts

Our automated buy box and availability alerting has helped thousands of brands be successful by winning the Buy Box on Amazon.com. Our automated alerting functionality makes it easy to stay on top of Buy Box pricing in addition when items go out of stock. With automated alerts, you can quickly take action to change your prices and add stock exactly when you need to. Contact us for more information.


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