Are your eCommerce Pages Ready for St. Patrick’s Day?

Are your eCommerce Pages Ready for St. Patrick’s Day?

While St. Patrick's Day may not be the biggest earner in terms of U.S. holidays (depending on what source you check, it’s typically ranked last after all the biggies, like Mother’s Day, Halloween and Valentine’s Day), it still brings in a nothing-to-be-sneezed-at $5-plus billion annually.

We thought we’d revisit the NRF’s annual Saint Patrick’s Day survey from 2017 and use that as a guide to get your online pages ready for this year.

Get Your Pages Green-ified

83% of 139M American celebrants planned on wearing green just one year ago; we can probably safely assume that the majority of them will do it again this year. (Wearing green on St. Pat’s is maybe the definition of predictable, isn’t it?)

So, brands and retailers: gather up your green products and make sure to update your product titles with the word “green.” Granted, a green shirt or a green dress may be obvious enough once a customer actually sees the product images and reads the product description. In order to grab them when they’re searching, though, at least for this season: it needs to be in the product title. Check out our best practices for product content to help you optimize your content for visibility and conversion.

Pro tip: include the sizes as well (example: “Large Green T-shirt, St. Patrick’s Day”)

Recipe and Entertaining Tips

Since 31% of eager celebrants plan on making a special dinner: help them. Provide a handy buying guide with everything they’ll need to make a traditional meal. Is there anyone on your staff that has a family recipe for Irish soda bread (see also: Irish stew, corned beef and cabbage, etc.?) Share it and leverage it for a social media campaign.

Even if your products are directly related to food: giving searching consumers the recipes and entertaining ideas that they’re looking for encourages trust and creates brand loyalty. So, have fun, be creative, and get into the spirit.

The Kids: They Love a Good Party

77% of all 18-24-year-olds plan on drinking green beer and joining in the general shenanigans. With 23% of overall partakers decorating homes and offices: this is a lucrative time of year for party supplies.

Product bundles that give customers everything they need in one go makes online shopping convenient and fun. Blogs with colorful decorating ideas are also helpful and engaging. As you might expect, Party City has a vivid and intuitive St. Pat’s-themed party supply page, broken down by category.

Looking for Inspiration? Try a Themed Giveaway

While companies like Guinness and Jameson both boast natural St. Patrick’s Day tie-ins, you don’t have to be a food or beverage company to get in on the fun. Last year, marketing software company SEMrush launched an online crossword contest, awarding the winners with a Guinness-themed gift set.

Every American city has a St. Patrick’s Day parade. Is there a way that your street teams can participate with cool and trendy swag, contests, or maybe a booth?

Other giveaway ideas could include: themed vacations, gift certificates to local Irish restaurants and pubs, or free rides on the night of the holiday to encourage safe driving.

Get Creative and Have Fun

If the holidays and Valentine’s Day have zapped all of your creative ideas, use these guidelines to help you get started.

  • Use your internal staff’s fun holiday stories for your social media campaigns.
  • Keep it classy (maybe stay away from all things leprechaun for example).
  • Be generous: this may not be your big time of year, but find ways that you can encourage customer loyalty with discounts and incentives that will help them enjoy the day.
  • Get creative! The experiment you do today could become an annual tradition. You’ll never know until you get a little risky.
  • Start today. It’s less than a month away, so if you haven’t started yet, you still have time.



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