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Bricks to Clicks: Chapter Three Summary

In our third post in our “Bricks to Clicks” summary series, (you can read our last post HERE) this week, we’re talking about chapter three of Content Analytics' founder and CEO David Feinleib’s book Bricks to Clicks: Why Some Brands Will Thrive in E-Commerce and Others Won't.

Clorox: Using Speed and Insight to Become a Bricks to Clicks Success Story

The Clorox Company manufactures some of the most recognizable household cleaning products. Even with their brand dominance, the company isn’t taking anything for granted, let alone its future. Since 2013, the company’s “2020” strategy has included an aggressive digital sales and marketing tactics, all while planning to move as many products on the virtual shelf as it has historically in...

Reforming the Organization: The Power of Content in eCommerce

Bricks to Clicks: Chapter Two Summary

Our second post in our “Bricks to Clicks” series (read the first one HERE),  we cover chapter two of Content Analytics' founder and CEO David Feinleib’s book Bricks to Clicks: Why Some Brands Will Thrive in E-Commerce and Others Won't.

5 Ways Sellers Should Blend Online and Brick and Mortar Shopping

When Amazon opened its virtual doors over 20 years ago as an online bookstore, no single analyst at the time could have predicted just how much the seller would disrupt the entire retail ecosystem. Their initial success is completely logical. It makes perfect sense that Amazon could replace the corner bookseller. Its recommendation algorithms, online reviews, and page previews all but replaced...

Trick or Treat? Get Ready for Halloween!

The NRF predicts that consumers will spend $9.1 billion on Halloween this year. Officially seen as the start of the holiday spending season, retailers both in person and online are readying their storefronts and promotions for October 31.

Transforming into an eCommerce Success

Bricks to Clicks: Chapter One Summary

One of the driving questions we ask ourselves, and our clients, at Content Analytics is: what does success for brands look like in the 21st century? We know (and they do, too) that leveraging eCommerce is how all sellers need to transform their organizations if they’re going to survive. Our founder and CEO, David Feinleib, has focused his career on the...

Toys ‘R’ Us Faces Bankruptcy Filing

The financial woes for the once dominant toy retailer appear to have gone from bad to worse. On September 16, Reuters filed a story stating that the beleaguered brick and mortar store “is working to put together a loan to fund its operations in a potential bankruptcy filing that could come before the holiday sales season, according to people familiar with the matter.”

Fast, Automated Item Setup: Yes, It's Really That Easy

The holidays are coming. From early November until January 1, the industry takes part in an annual marathon that really starts now. Big prep for the busiest buying season begins in August, and, just like last year, and the year before that: you never have as much time as you think you do.

Responses to Amazon Lowering Whole Food Prices That We Love

Today, Amazon broke the Internet when it announced that it was reducing list prices at recently-acquired Whole Foods by upwards of 40%. (Insert your own Whole Paycheck joke here.) Amazon also recently announced that it would offer perks to Prime members (which, as of this posting, have only been alluded to and not officially outlined as of yet).

Creative Retailers: Leading the Way to a New Era

For those of you who have been following along at home (or, more likely, work), we’ve been talking a lot about the so-called retail apocalypse. Yes, there have been a lot of stores that are failing, and while online retail is a huge contributor, it’s far from the only one. We’ve also pointed out that aggressive and creative brand strategies are necessary for survival.

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