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Author: Liz Lee

Gone Grill: The Online Traits of Best-Selling BBQ Grills

By Marcus Shen & Liz LeeIn our recent post, we discussed ShelfRank™ “content health scores” and how brands’ scores correspond to online conversion. In response to our post, we received a lot of smart and insightful questions, ranging from the curious (“which items go into ShelfRank?”) to the not-so-subtle (“tell me exactly how many photos I need on my product page”).To answer these questions,...

eCommerce Content Rankings (Father's Day Edition): Which Power Tool Brands Are In The ShelfRank™ Top 5?

eCommerce has challenged brand managers in almost every category, and power tools are no exception. Brands now market in both offline and online channels to an ever-widening range of consumers – from the “truly handy” to the “YouTube handy.” In e-commerce, this means providing online retailers with accurate, detailed content for the former, while offering pretty pictures and safety warnings...


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