Best Practices from the Target Item and Product Content Supplier Summit

Best Practices from the Target Item and Product Content Supplier Summit

team-kenji-gjovig.jpgBy Kenji Gjovig
VP Partnerships & Business Development


Last week I wrote about Target’s Item & Product Content Summit that was held in Minneapolis in late Feb (read here). It is exciting for Content Analytics to partner with a leading omnichannel retailer like Target. They are making press-worthy, creative and strategic decisions to compete in the increasingly digital world. (We wrote about their Framebridge partnership in October of 2017.)

Here are a few examples beyond the announcements made at the supplier summit: 

  • Target acquired Shipt in December and is expanding that service rapidly to drive same day delivery.
  • Target’s Restock program is designed to compete with Amazon pantry and allows Guests to stock their house with consumables and other household items (see image below).
  • Target is also developing numerous technologies to be on the leading edge of innovation.

Target is serious about leading in omnichannel retail, and expects vendors to invest in capabilities to optimize their eCommerce plan to stay in the game. As you may know, one of the areas that we're helping Target to optimize, with our Vendor Scorecard program, is product content. Let’s talk about some best practices to optimize the product content on your item pages.

target product content best practices

Target Restock Program

Best Practices for Product Content on

These best practices are in line with Target’s messaging at their supplier summit about the importance of product content on a Product Detail Page. Target customized their best practices by category, but below I’ll summarize into our top 3 product content areas to optimize:


#1 Copy:

target product content cop

  • Feature Bullets (aka highlights): These are the features and benefits that a Vendor should highlight for the Guest to know the key selling features. Typically up to 100 words.
  • Long Copy: This is the romance copy to convince the Guest that you have the best product. Long Copy is where keywords are stored, so search visibility is optimized. Ideally 26 words or more.

We can help you publish copy to your item pages on to optimize the listings.

If you need help creating romance copy, our friends at Periscope can help with this as an approved Content Partner for Target.


#2 Visual:

  • Images: Guests need to see high-resolution images from multiple angles and potentially as a lifestyle shot, so they know that it will work for them. Ideally 3 or more images and 1300x1300px (so Guests can zoom in).
  • Videos: Additional information about the item which could include additional selling features.

We can help you publish images and videos to your item pages on

If you need help with other enhanced content such as documents or marketing assets embedded to the item page, our friends at Webcollage can help with this as an approved Content Partner for Target.


#3 User-Generated Content:

Guests will tell you what they think about the product.

  • Ratings & Reviews: Ideally 8 reviews or more. Target and Bazaarvoice have launched a program called “Hey, Bullseye™" that can help you increase the reviews of your items.
  • Questions & Answers: Answer guest questions on your item pages within 48 hours, or the guest will likely shop elsewhere (another retailer or brand).


If you are interested in learning more or understanding how Content Analytics can help you optimize your content at Target from your vendor scorecard, we'd love to help. Simply request a meeting by clicking below. 


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