Brick to Clicks Successes: Lessons from Clorox

Brick to Clicks Successes: Lessons from Clorox

Back in October of last year, we put together a piece about Clorox and its CMO, Eric Reynolds, on how the company was shifting its marketing practices to compete in an increasingly digital world (read the entire story here.) He explained in an interview with Digiday that he was bringing all of the company’s agencies and internal marketing divisions under a single umbrella, and refocusing marketing priorities (including sponsored ad buys on Amazon).

The result? Clorox’s online revenue jumped 50%.

We weren’t surprised, then, when this story popped up on Adweek where Reynolds discussed, among other things, why he’s steering his company into the eCommerce revolution and embracing millennials right along with the demo’s earned reputation for fickle brand loyalty.


What Clorox is Learning From Millennials

A lot of companies are quite vocal about how difficult it is to communicate to a generation that is immune to sales messaging. Refreshingly, Reynolds is not one of them:

“One of the best things millennials have done for brand building is they’ve forced us all to raise our game significantly because you don’t accept things at face value. And that puts a real challenge on us to get off our chairs and make brands interesting.”

Eric Reynolds
CMO, Clorox Company

So, instead of running from the second largest population in the U.S. (and as they come of age no less) Reynolds’s lesson is to lean into what that millennials have to teach brands about marketing, brand messaging, and company values. Clorox has responded with conversations about quality of life (like this blog post about taking vacations) and demonstrated that listening to and following their constituents’ online behavior retains consumer trust.


eCommerce isn’t Just a Platform: It’s an Ecosystem

Reynolds also embraces that eCommerce provides for a different kind of brand storytelling and interaction. Product pages are more than a selling opportunity: they are a place for engagement and conversations.

“We have to start with quality products, great experience in the home [and] we need people to write reviews about them.”

We love the Clorox story because they are anything but risk averse, and are willing to change the old paradigms (including--gasp--foregoing a Superbowl ad this year) if it’s what works. They are what we’d call a bricks to clicks leader because Reynolds is transparent about his experimentation. (He states: “If anyone tells you they’ve figured out this out, be very suspicious because it’s a time for learning.”)

Data is, of course, paramount to this learning curve. (We have some insights into how Clorox uses data because they happen to be a Content Analytics customer). We believe that measurement and experimentation, in equal parts, is what defines a successful bricks to clicks brand.


Tools to Become a Bricks to Clicks Success Story

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