Content Analytics eBook: Winning in Online Assortment

Content Analytics eBook: Winning in Online Assortment

The Content Analytics platform does many things and solves many data and content management problems for eCommerce. If you think of our cloud-based solution as a bridge between brands and retailers and note our history of working with many of the largest of both, you can come to understand and appreciate the unique knowledge base that gives us in a variety of areas.

The suppliers we work with represent numerous verticals, and we partner with most of the web’s largest retailers (both for their online and in-store efforts). In doing so, we’ve gained a lot of insight into how both sellers and retailers can benefit from streamlined and accelerated online product assortment practices.

“Winning in Online Assortment” is the most recent eBook by data strategist, writer, and Content Analytics CEO David Feinleib. As retailers across the map, from Walmart to Target, strive to compete with Amazon’s staggering product assortment, we are stepping in with automated solutions to ensure item setup takes hours and days, not weeks and months.

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Retailers know that customers are only one click away from finding the product they want on a competitor’s site, because the virtual shelf is limitless. Sellers have an equal amount of pressure to make sure that they get their items online and available through multiple retailers as quickly and accurately as possible. “Online Assortment” provides unique case studies, data, and tips to for that brands, sellers, and retailers in an increasingly competitive environment.

Learn how to improve your online assortment by focusing on key metrics including:

  • Speed to market
  • How data accuracy makes and breaks online success
  • Fast item setup
  • The new rules for merchandising
  • ...and more.

Our platform supports an increasing number of brands including Mattel, PepsiCo, P&G, Samsung and many others, helping to increase item setup efficiency, product content, and product assortment.

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