Content Analytics' Geo-Tracking for Click and Collect Report

Content Analytics' Geo-Tracking for Click and Collect Report

Empowering Brands to Capture Every Online Revenue Opportunity

More than ever, shoppers are turning to the convenience and speed of buying online and picking up in store (BOPIS).

72% of consumers have experimented with BOPISand 50% of Target’s online orders were fulfilled by a store this year.2

The trend is positive for both brands and retailers. BOPIS drives in-store traffic, and 70% of shoppers are more likely to make impulse purchases if they visit stores to pick up an item purchased online.3

While retailers are investing resources to enable what is arguably the most important growing shopping trend – brands are potentially missing out on revenues.


Transparency for Brands and Retailers

Having in-stock products appearing as not available for click and collect online has major revenue impact on both vendors and retailers. Imagine the exponential impact of one $10 product not available for click and collect at 1000 stores.

Often when a product is in-stock at a physical store, the retailer doesn’t always show that same product includes a click and collect option.

Brands see this anecdotally and need both visibility and documentation that demonstrates when retailers are not displaying their in-store products properly online.


Content Analytics’ Geo-Tracking for Click and Collect:

The daily report actively monitors a brand’s products and provides pricing and availability for click and collect by retailer location. This allows brands to quickly pinpoint and correct click and collect availability issues that could lead to a significant loss of revenue.

Content Analytics' new Geo-Tracking for Click and Collect Report:  

  • Breaks down what products are reporting as available for click and collect
  • Provides online pricing and availability by location for each retailer/product
  • The only solution that pinpoints what store is not offering which products for in-store pickup
  • Can deliver up-to-date data at a customized interval
  • Allows brands to cross references in-store inventory reports to determine which retailers need to update the buy option

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