Content Analytics Launches Negative Review Early Warning System

Content Analytics Launches Negative Review Early Warning System

Get Negative Review Alerts in Near Real Time

Recently, a customer approached us with a critical business challenge. Some of their products had had a manufacturing defect that had gone undetected in their supply chain. It took them far longer to find out about the problem than they would have liked. They tweaked their business practices to ensure that mistake couldn’t repeat itself.

The company’s eCommerce leadership was also tasked with figuring out how they could get an early warning system in place and they concluded immediately that online shopper reviews were one of the best leading indicators of shopper satisfaction, or, as with this case, dissatisfaction.

There was just one problem. They had no way of being notified in real time when shoppers left negative reviews. Their existing solution was to browse various item pages on Amazon, Walmart and other eCommerce sites manually and monitor new reviews. With thousands of products and multiple retailer sites to cover, a manual approach simply is neither scalable nor efficient.

The smart solution was an automated notification system that empowered them to respond quickly to negative customer experiences in near real time.

An automated alerting protocol would address three goals:

  • The customer service team could contact the consumer with the issue immediately to address and solve the issue.
  • The company would be notified about undetected product issues, as well as counterfeit sellers marketing knock-off products that looked authentic.
  • The team could preserve brand integrity and ensure ongoing customer satisfaction, demonstrating to shoppers and the online community their highly responsive company culture.

We embrace the opportunity to solve a specific customer’s business problems the minute they approach us. The Content Analytics dashboard is so robust and modular, quite often, we address customer business challenges by tweaking or modifying our existing components.

When the above customer introduced their business problem to us: we knew it wasn’t a unique one, and we knew we could (and should) address it promptly. The result: our Negative Review Early Warning System.

Content Analytics already had a high-frequency capability, the First Mover Report to identify price changes in the market. We also already offer daily review reporting and alerting. By merging those capabilities: we created a unique review alerting system that solved our customer’s challenge and addressed an ongoing need for the marketplace. Obviously, other brands understand the value of online reviews and a system that keeps them aware of negative customer experiences.


Content Analytics Review Early Warning System: Live and Launched


We’re excited to offer our newest capability to the broader market. In an era where news travels fast, and bad news even faster, there’s nothing like the peace of mind that comes from knowing your team is alerted as soon as there’s a product issue. Consumers don’t just leave negative reviews if they don’t like the product. They also post bad ratings when they unknowingly purchase counterfeit products, if the product gets damaged in shipping, or for any other number reasons. It’s critical to get alerts for those issues so you and your team take immediate action.


For more information about our Review Early Warning System, or our complete suite of eCommerce Digital Shelf Management and Optimization capabilities, please contact us.

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