Announcing Content Analytics Share of Category Reporting

Announcing Content Analytics Share of Category Reporting

Content Analytics has long been a leader in Digital Shelf Reporting. Today we’re excited to announce broader availability of our Share of Category Reporting, a capability we’ve been piloting with selected clients.

What is Share of Category Reporting?

Share of Category reporting for eCommerce gives you insight into:

  • Total category sales
  • Your sales as a percentage of the overall category
  • Competitor sales as a percentage of the overall category
Share of Category Report


Key Use Cases for Share of Category Reporting

Share of Category Reporting gives you insight into:

  • Put your sales in context. Is your category growing online? Declining? Was there a spike last month but an increase this month? Share of Category puts your own sales in context by showing you how your doing relative to the overall category. If the category is trending up, but your sales are trending down—you need to know that and take action. Conversely, if the category is down but your sales are up, that means shoppers are buying your products and you should consider doubling down.
  • Understanding the Competition. You can see how your key competitors are doing in the category. You can also see if there are new entrants into the category that are stealing share.
  • Private label. The Share of Category report can also give you insight into the impact of private label sales on your category. If your retailer is going to compete with you, you want to know about it.


How Share of Category Reporting Works

Share of Category Reporting combines best seller rank data with sales data to provide a model of the overall category. Historically, these pieces of data have been available—but only separately. We combine these key pieces of data with our proprietary category share model to give you all the insight you need in one place.


We're so excited about this new capability that if you send us your anonymized sales data, we'll send you your first Share of Category report for free.

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