Introducing VendorSCOR™ - The First End to End Content Management Solution for Retailers

Introducing VendorSCOR™ - The First End to End Content Management Solution for Retailers

Recently the Twittersphere has been full of consumers posting about misleading product information that resulted in surprising purchases – stories of shoppers thinking they ordered a pair of cheap leggings or an affordable rug, only to find out the products were a better fit for a doll and her doll house.

bad ecommerce experience

While this may result in “LMAO” worthy memes, it is also a frustrating experience for the consumer.

Multi-channel retailers recognize the importance of accurate product content, but with tens of thousands of product pages added to their website every day by hundreds of different vendors, how can they possibly monitor it all? And vendors are often juggling an overwhelming set of priorities, making it difficult for them to ensure each listing remains up-to-date.


That’s why Content Analytics created VendorSCOR


The first solution of its kind, VendorSCOR combines deep analytics with robust content management capabilities to provide retailers an end to end product content management system. Armed with this two-in-one solution, retailers are able to monitor, measure and prioritize content, using those findings to engage brands and improve their site’s overall content health.   

Unlike tools that just monitor a problem and  don’t actually provide a solution, VendorSCOR’s Vendor Scorecarding & Content Optimization features alert both brands and retailers about an issue and provide simple and easy fixes. By fostering a partnership between retailers and brands for superb product content, the two can finally work together to drive sales and deliver better customer experiences.

Vendor Scorecarding enables retailers to measure content quality by vendor, providing comparative views across categories and brands. Retailers can send vendors scorecards for each product on a weekly basis, ensuring they are always aware of any necessary changes. With the help of web data extraction, the tool crawls the site to identify gaps, errors and omissions in content, such as missing images, poor product descriptions, a lack of ratings and reviews, and a number of other issues. The tool then helps vendors prioritize what to fix and provides actionable insights and steps for improving the content.  

Once vendors have a clear understanding of the necessary next steps, the Content Optimization tool provides a path for publishing content updates on the retailer’s website. After setting up the item, vendors are able to make quick edits through Content Analytics’ intuitive platform and syndicate the content across channels. Ultimately, this increases discoverability, decreases returns, drives sales and improves the overall customer experience.

Target, one of the first major retailers to partner with Content Analytics on the VendorSCOR offering, will focus on using vendor scorecarding to ensure their guests have a consistent and seamless online brand experience this holiday season. Retailers, like Target, are turning to VendorSCOR to help streamline the shopping experience for retailers, brands and, most importantly, shoppers.

If you’d like to learn more about how VendorSCOR can increase site quality and communication with brands, contact us for a live demo.


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