[White Paper] Identifying and Implementing Product Page Best Practices

[White Paper] Identifying and Implementing Product Page Best Practices

As more and more shoppers turn to the web or a mobile device as their primary shopping outlet, they rely increasingly on what they read online. Brands and sellers are learning that they need to invest as much time, energy and resources into the quality of their product pages as they do every other aspect of product development.

Content Analytics white paper provides a comprehensive overview on just how to format your product pages to:

  • Increase search engine rankings (both on Google and third-party retail sites like Amazon and Walmart)
  • Engage and improve customer experience
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Improve conversion rates

We feature insights we’ve gained from our extensive experience working with both the largest retailers and vendors in the market.

This includes specific tips on product page formatting including:

  • Product titles
  • Copy and image formatting
  • Consumer reviews
  • Keyword optimization

The report also includes a unique case study of search results with a bit of a seasonal flare.Download White Paper Now

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