Dispatches from the Target Item and Product Content Supplier Summit

Dispatches from the Target Item and Product Content Supplier Summit


By Kenji Gjovig

VP Partnerships & Business Development

We faced single-digit temps and headed from sunny Cali to Minneapolis for the privilege and opportunity to attend the Target Item & Product Content Supplier Summit (2/21-2/22). The two-day conference was a jam-packed event that assembled Target’s top 250 vendors to discuss best practices for item and product content.

Day 1

Day 1 of the conference focused mostly on item attribution and item setup. Item data accuracy is important in eCommerce for many reasons. Here’s an example: a supplier enters multiple data fields into an item setup process that includes product dimensions; if the dimensions are entered incorrectly, it affects the calculation that determines the fill percentage of the Restock box. 

Suppliers spent the day taking meticulous notes to ensure they brought item setup best practices to their teams.


Day 2

The second day was incredibly exciting for Content Analytics. Some quick background: we have been working with Target for the past 11 months on our proprietary and customized vendor scorecarding system, VendorSCOR™. Five months ago, Target formally selected Content Analytics, and VendorSCOR™, to improve content and the online Guest experience. Since then, we’ve been testing with 33 of their top vendors in a limited release of the our vendor scorecard platform.

The 2018 Supplier Summit was our public coming out party.

In the first session of Day 2, (Thurs Feb 22), Target announced VendorSCOR publicly. It was a long time coming and I want specifically to thank my Product, QA, and Partner Success teams for all of the great work. I also want to thank the Target Product Content Team. They are fantastic partners and it’s a true honor to design this custom program per their direction.

As can be expected from a major announcement like the launch of VendorSCOR, Target’s vendor community was instantly interested in learning more. Target hosted a business partner expo that afternoon to allow vendors to ask us additional questions. Our booth was busy and bustling for the entire Expo, with a long line of vendors at the booth who were eager to learn more about best practices and optimizing their vendor scorecard.


Target + Content Analytics and VendorSCOR

Our partnership with Target further validates our key assumption since the founding of our company five years ago: content is king. Bill Gates first famously penned this statement in an essay back in 1996, and it continues to be true in eCommerce; it is critical that product detail pages (PDPs) feature clear, detailed, well-written content.

It’s been gratifying to witness the commitment Target is making to omnichannel retailing. Their focus on optimizing product page content is second-to-none (and trust me, we’d know).

VendorSCOR provides:

  • A high-level summary that frames key fixes within each vendor product assortment
  • Item-detailed explanations of all action items to to improve content
  • Best practices that provide a benchmark for outstanding content. These best practices are customized by product category for each item.


Let’s take the Barbie Dreamhouse as an example of best practices. This PDP has many elements that optimize the experience for the Guest:

  • Descriptive Product Title
  • Bullets that highlight features and benefits
  • Long Copy that gives in-depth product detail
  • Multiple, high-res images to ensure the Guest sees all product angles
  • Videos that give a full product tour
  • Robust Guest reviews (vital for SEO and higher conversions)

 product page content best practices



Next week: we’ll discuss Content Analytics’ full capabilities within Target’s eCommerce ecosystem.

Until then: let me know if you want to discuss the summit in more detail.

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