Analysis: 2018 Easter Shopping Season

Analysis: 2018 Easter Shopping Season

While it doesn’t compare to the holiday season, Easter is still a big spending holiday for U.S. consumers. As those pink, blue, and yellow-themed displays are already filling the store aisles, we thought it was the ideal time to talk about how online retailers can get into the Easter game and capture some significant revenue before we head into summer.

Here’s what you need to know and how to prepare your online store and product pages for Easter 2018.


Takeaways from Easter 2017

Last year, the NRF’s annual Easter survey concluded that consumers were ready to spend upwards of $18B on treats, toys, and gifts. Where did that money go? Not shocking: candy topped the list as the most common good sold during the season, with food being a close second.

Gifts, however, was a narrow third, with 67% of survey respondents saying they were planning on getting in on the giving. What constitutes Easter gifts? People will probably give a lot of candy to each other, but other creative ideas included stuffed animals, gift baskets, self-care items like soaps and lotions.

Greeting cards are big this time of year, with 48% of consumers from last year’s survey saying they were on the list. Decorations are huge (42%) as are flowers (39%).

People love to make nominal investments in seasonal outfits, with a non-trivial 42% saying they were planning on buying clothing. Who can resist those frilly floral dresses and hats for little ones, right? (Apparently, only 52% of us.)

What Does Google Say?

Any smart SEO research should include a trip to Google Trends. This year, the 5th most popular search (as of the time of this writing) was “how to dye Easter eggs” after some basic, informational searches like “is Easter a national holiday.”

Folding those terms into seasonal landing pages could help steer searchers towards relevant products. Pro tip to remember: the term “easter egg” also (and you knew this already) refers to a joke or hidden item inside of a video game, so apply common sense rules (which, again, you were already doing, but it bears mentioning).

Check out the top 5 queries as of today (for the past month):

ecommerce easter searches

What this shows us (outside of the enduring and staggering success that is COD!) is that you probably need to check out the next set of queries for this particular holiday to find relevant info.

ecommerce easter trends

Of course, these searches are dynamic and change regularly. Scheduled monitoring shows your team what they need to deploy on your site and in your social media to steer eyeballs towards your products. You can expect that as we get closer and closer to the holiday, consumers will be looking for ham recipes, and more specific garment searches (“Easter themed girl’s outfits”).

The challenge for all brands, sellers, and online retailers is to figure out how to draw those organic searches to your site and how blogs, category pages, buying guides, local events guides, etc. can attract a portion of that $18B this year. Bottom line: monitor search trends on a weekly basis at a minimum and gear your content team towards creating reactive and creative content that responds to those trends.

If you haven’t measured your online content health for your product pages in a while, it’s time to get on that. Good idea to know what your share of search is, too. Of course: we can help with all of that (and more) so hit us up and we’ll schedule a call.

Happy Spring!

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