GDSN Support from Content Analytics

GDSN Support from Content Analytics

Content Analytics has always been a leader when it comes to connecting directly from our Product Information Management (PIM) system to eCommerce retailers. Direct connections give us the ability to deliver product descriptions, images and videos from brands to retailers. And more recently, with our rich media support, we can host and deliver marketing content, interactive content like Buy Buttons, instruction guides and manuals in PDF form, and 360 Views.

Perhaps less well known, but no less important, though, is our GDSN support. GDSN stands for Global Data Synchronization Network, and it is a data exchange network that lets many companies, in many different industries, exchange data with each other. For eCommerce (and for retail) in particular, it means that suppliers can send product content information to retailers that don't yet support direct API access.

How It Works

Using our GDSN support requires minimal effort on the part of our supplier customers. Our flexible Master Catalog stores a broad range of product content and attribute data. In addition to being able to deliver content and attribute data from our Master Catalog to major retailers, we can also deliver product content and attribute data via GDSN. Virtually any retailer that supports GDSN can receive product content.

Direct Connect and GDSN

A number of suppliers ask us whether it is better to use direct connections or GDSN. The short answer is that for those retailers that support direct connections and/or don't support GDSN, direct connect is the way to go. Some retailers find it easier to receive data via GDSN. Based on your retailer distribution channels, we'll help identify the best approach or combination of approaches to get your product content live as efficiently as possible. The great news for suppliers is that our Master Catalog removes the multitude of steps required by manual processes and complex supply chain systems and makes it easy to store your product content and get it live on retailer web sites.

We've helped some of the largest companies in the world with their product content challenges. We've also helped many smaller and growth stage suppliers as well.


We'd be happy to share our learnings from working with these suppliers, large and small, with you.

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