How Sport Squad Accelerates Their eCommerce Sales with Content Analytics

How Sport Squad Accelerates Their eCommerce Sales with Content Analytics

If you’ve ever played a game of Ping Pong, Foosball or Air Hockey, you’ve probably played on a Sport Squad table. Recently I was on a call with Sport Squad’s business analyst. I came away extremely impressed by the company’s knowledge of and sophistication when it comes to eCommerce.

How Sport Squad is Winning in eCommerce

eCommerce Focus

The company has headcount dedicated to eCommerce analytics, marketing analytics (including ad spend), and online sales.

eCommerce Savvy

They know eCommerce inside and out. We spent most of our time together focused on Amazon, and their business analyst knows virtually every Amazon analytics report and how to get the most insight from each one.

eCommerce Data

It’s not cheap, but the data they get from ARA Premium—from sales to search terms—is invaluable. If you’re not familiar with ARA Premium, it’s Amazon’s premium analytics offering.


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Our Platform's Value for Sport Squad

Given that they’re already so advanced in their approach, I wanted to know more about the value Sport Squad was getting from our service. Here’s what I learned:

Winning the Buy Box

Amazon's tools include Buy Box reporting, but that reporting arrives too late to allow sellers to take corrective action. Sports Squad uses Content Analytics’ Buy Box alerting to get notified right away when they’re losing. Now they win the Buy Box more often.

Getting Alerted to Negative Reviews

Nothing hurts product sales faster than bad reviews. Content Analytics Negative Review Alerts tell Sport Squad when a product has a negative review. As they put it, “With Content Analytics, we no longer have to sift through tons of reviews. Now we can quickly focus on addressing the negative ones.”

Ensuring Their Content Is Live on Amazon and Walmart

Using our Master Catalog content management portal, Sport Squad can easily see cases where there’s a content issue on Amazon or Walmart. For example, if a retailer accidentally removes an image from the site (either by accident or due to a system issue), Sport Squad can see that right away and update the content directly through Content Analytics.


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