How to Find Out When Competitors Launch New Products in Your Category

How to Find Out When Competitors Launch New Products in Your Category

If only there was a way to be automatically alerted when competitors launch new products in your category—you’d know right away when you needed to launch a new product of your own to keep up. For years, tracking when competitors launch new products has been a time consuming process, if you could track those new product introductions at all.

New Product Launches in Your Category

And with new product launches, timing is key. You need to learn about new online product introductions quickly, so you have enough time to take action. Wait too long, and a competitor can rise to the top of search rankings on Amazon, causing sales of your own products to take a sudden nosedive.

Fortunately, Content Analytics' new item tracking makes it easy to track competitor product launches. We do the work for you by automatically watching for new products that appear for relevant search terms and on browse and shelf pages of interest.

Content Analytics' New Item Tracking

Suppose you sell games online. You’d want to know if one of your competitors introduced a new title, gaming device, or accessory. Without our new item tracking, you’d have to invest a significant portion of every day checking search and shelf results on Amazon, Best Buy and other eCommerce sites. And you’d have to know, out of all of those products, which ones were new and which were existing. Our new item tracking takes out all the manual effort and makes the process quick and easy.

Our new item tracking for eCommerce:

  • Checks search and shelf results every day for new products
  • Sends you an email alert when it discovers new products
  • Can alert you to all new products or just those from the brands you specify
  • Shows you the date on which the new product was launched so you can track competitive product launches over time
  • Identifies new product launches on multiple web sites, including Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart and many more


If you want to stay on top of your eCommerce competition with minimal work, contact us to learn more. We can have new item tracking setup for you in minutes, freeing you up to sell more products online.

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