How to Monitor Reviews for Any Product on Amazon

How to Monitor Reviews for Any Product on Amazon

It’s been said that more than 87% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase decision. That makes it absolutely critical to monitor reviews of your products when you’re selling on

Monitoring Product Reviews

By monitoring product reviews, you can quickly learn about about issues in your products, such as packaging issues, manufacturing problems, or other problems you might not be aware of. Reviews are often the first place customers express their dissatisfaction with an item they've purchased—and therefore the first place you should look to know if you’ve got a product problem.

Fortunately, monitoring your products for new or negative reviews on Amazon is easy. Our automated review monitoring can check for new reviews as frequently as every 10 minutes (although most people opt for a two or four hour or daily frequency).

Content Analytics Review Monitoring Can:

  • Look for certain keywords in the reviews
  • Alert you if a shopper leaves a one or two-star review
  • Identify products missing reviews
  • Identify both negative and positive reviews

With these Negative Review alerts, you no longer need to spend hours every day combing through reviews to try to figure out if you’ve got an issue—our review alerts bring that information directly to your inbox.

In addition to our alerting functionality, our review reporting can identify those products that are missing reviews and those that have the most positive or negative reviews. Out built in charts show you how you’re doing over time when it comes to increasing the number of reviews for your products.

To learn more about how to monitor reviews for your products on, simply contact us via the button below.

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