The Latest Scoop: Where To Find The Best Ice Cream Assortment This Summer

The Latest Scoop: Where To Find The Best Ice Cream Assortment This Summer

Right after we published our Beer Assortment post, I happened to be on a call with an executive at one of the world's largest CPG companies.

This executive had seen our Beer Assortment post and wanted to know if we could do something similar for frozen foods. With that in mind and hot weather around the corner, here's our analysis of where to find the largest ice cream assortment this summer.

For this analysis, we looked at nearly 500 Walmart Online Grocery Pickup store locations.

In terms of top results on the Digital Shelf, it certainly appears that Walmart's house brand, Great Value, is winning, with a full 60% Share of the Digital Shelf:

content analytics digital shelf

And if you're shopping on price, Great Value delivers, at $0.07 per ounce of ice cream.


Assortment: Winners and Losers

So who's winning the Ice Cream Assortment battle after Great Value?

ice cream assortment by brand

At first glance, it looks like Dreyer's, then Blue Bunny, then Breyers and so on. 

But these brands are actually owned by two major CPGs, Walmart, and two private ice cream companies, Wells Enterprises and Halo Top. 

ice cream assortment by company

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 5.41.12 PM


How Traditional Assortment Reporting Works

You might be wondering how brands acquire this sort of data today. People go into physical stores to check on item availability. Unfortunately, by the time brands receive the data, it's often out of date.


How Our Modern Assortment Reporting Works

One of the big wins with our web-based approach to assortment and out of stock analysis is that we can refresh our reporting daily, twice a day, or even more frequently.

Regular updates are critical because stores refresh their assortment data more than once per day. An assortment report from 8am won't tell you how your assortment looks at 5pm, right before a lot of shoppers head to the supermarket to buy items for dinner or the weekend.

Fresh data matters a lot if you're trying to spot trends or identify systematic problems with your inventory systems or supply chain.


Store Assortment

Now, after reading all this data about ice cream, you're probably feeling at least a little bit hungry. Which stores have the best assortment and which have problems?

Here's an abbreviated heatmap to help answer that question. Higher numbers are better:

ice cream store assortment

Note: Actual Store IDs have been replaced by numbers.

You can quickly see that Store #3 has assortment issues across the board, while Store #9 has trouble with assortment on a few specific brands, but not all brands.



With access to the right assortment data, it's easy to see:

  • Which brands have the greatest assortment
  • Which companies are winning the assortment battle
  • Where there are store and brand-specific issues

That means you can take action quickly to correct any problems and keep more shoppers happy, be it in-store or online. 


Want an analysis of your own brand and their competitors?

Drop us an email with your brand and key competitors, and we'd be happy to run a report for you. Of course, there is one important question our data analysts could use your help answering. It's that classic ice-cream question. 


What would you do for a Klondike bar?  

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