Why Including This Piece of Information in Product Pages Is Brilliant

Why Including This Piece of Information in Product Pages Is Brilliant

When you’re in the business of helping brands sell more online, every detail of a product page stands out. That’s why, when we saw an interesting new piece of information on Amazon's product pages, we knew it was a brilliant move.

ecommerce return rates

Return Rate.


Sounds unglamorous.

But including this seemingly simple piece of information on product pages is brilliant.

Here’s why.

By including Return Rate data directly on the product page, Amazon:

  • Shows shoppers that this is a quality product—and that they’re likely to receive what they expect.
  • Encourages the supplier to make sure its product detail page contains an accurate description and images—and to ship high quality product. The more closely the product description and images match what the shopper receives, the lower the rate of return.
  • Motivates other suppliers. When suppliers understand the reasons their competitors’ products are getting selected as “Amazon’s Choice” products, it motivates those suppliers to improve their product content and product quality.

Plus it not so subtly encourages competition. Amazon doesn’t tell you what the exact return rate is—but they do tell you that the return rate Is 25% lower than similar products.

Shoppers (and brands) are inherently competitive. By publishing the relative return rate, Amazon reinforces for shoppers that they’re making a smart choice. And they create a comparison with other products.

Finally, in the eCommerce world, everyone loves data. Return Rates is one piece of data that was previously relegated to backend, supply chain systems. Now Amazon is putting it front-and-center for everyone to track.


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