New Industry First: Content Health Optimizer

New Industry First: Content Health Optimizer

From The Company That Invented Content Health Scoring for Walmart

Content Analytics is the industry standard when it comes to Content Health Scorecards. As a result, we have more knowledge than almost anyone about how to optimize your Content Health—on Amazon, Target and Walmart.

 1  Content Health Scoring

We first invented Content Health scoring in 2014 as we looked to help brands and retailers understand and optimize their digital shelf experience. By analyzing hundreds of millions of items, we were able to gain unique insight into what made items sell—and what didn’t. Our Content Health scoring approach was so well received that both Walmart and Target adopted our approach.

 2  Digital Shelf Analytics + Content Management

In 2016, we delivered another first, becoming the first end to end solution for optimizing eCommerce workflows, by integrating Digital Shelf Analytics and Content Management into one easy-to-use platform. No longer did suppliers have to buy multiple point solutions—they could get insight and take action in one place, for one price.

“No longer did suppliers have to buy multiple point solutions to solve their eCommerce challenges—they could get insight and take action in one place, for one price.”


 3  Content Health Optimization

Now in 2018, we’re introducing another industry first: our Content Health Optimization service. Our Content Health Optimization service builds on our years of experience in eCommerce, across Amazon, Walmart and Target.

It leverages our unique knowledge of these sites, not to mention the domain knowledge of our team many of whom hail from Amazon, Target, Walmart and some of the industry’s leading brands. Our unique combination of domain expertise and software tools give you unparalleled scalability, efficiency and access when it comes to understanding and optimizing your eCommerce business.

And our solutions don’t just stop at content, because:

  • driving traffic and increasing conversion rates
  • ratings and reviews
  • owning the buy box
  • having the right price
  • being in stock, and
  • showing up high in search results
...are all key parts of the equation.

So if you’re a brand looking for serious expertise when it comes to optimizing your eCommerce business, or simply want some advice on how you can increase the Content Health scores you receive from your retail partners, contact the industry standard.

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