There’s Always More to Learn about SEO

There’s Always More to Learn about SEO

Because online search is defined by how interactive it is, it’s perhaps the most dynamic marketing technology in history. While there are certain tactics and parameters that have stayed with us, as consumer search habits continue to evolve, SEO managers and marketing teams have to evolve alongside their customers.

More and more consumers are starting to research products directly from online sellers instead of Google. The challenge, then, for brands is embracing that marketplace and multi-channel retail search engines do not work quite like Google’s or quite like each other’s algorithms. Results for one site will always differ from the next.

We address many of these subtle differences in our latest eBook, “Content Health, Search Rankings, and Revenue: Making a Case for Improved Product Listings.” We cited specific examples, including a case study of the pain reliever market, to demonstrate just how significantly product name attributions impact results on different search rankings.

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From the book:
“Treat this book as an online marketer’s survival guide. It reiterates where we are today in terms of online searching, how to anticipate customer searches, and how those searches impact results on popular online retailers.”

You undoubtedly already know a lot about search. Does it really hurt to learn more?

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