Three Great Ways to Win The Buy Box on Walmart

Three Great Ways to Win The Buy Box on Walmart

Winning the Buy Box on can be extremely challenging due to the number of sellers. Popular items sometimes have as many as 10, 20 or even more sellers competing to win the Buy Box.

But on, it’s a different story. With a much smaller number (at least for now) of approved sellers, your chances of winning the buy box are significantly higher, if you follow these three key rules:

1. Keep Your Items in Stock

Almost nothing makes you lose the buy box faster than your products going out of stock. One would think that with automatic reordering rules, category specialists who are always on the lookout for ways to increase sales, and suppliers who want to ensure that products stay in stock, that products would never go out of stock (at least not intentionally)—but they do.

That’s why it’s critical to have automated out of stock alerts setup for your items. Content Analytics' Out of Stock alerting sends you an email to let you now that your products have gone out of stock—and therefore that you’ve lost the buy box. This makes it easy to get your items back in stock quickly.

2. Maintain the Lowest Price

Along with tracking whether products are in-stock,’s buy box algorithm also checks whether your item has the lowest price. If it doesn’t, you’ll lose the buy box, even if your product is in stock. You’ll then become listed as a secondary seller—alongside any number of other sellers that shoppers aren’t likely to take the time to look at.

Content Analytics automated buy box alerts let you know when you lose the buy box for any of your items. By looking at the out of stock and price information provided, you can quickly determine whether you lost the buy box because another seller beat you on price—or because your item went out of stock.

3. Correct On-Going Issues

Along with built-in alerting capabilities, Content Analytics also provides historical reporting. Unsure whether a product has been out of stock or priced too high multiple days in a row? Simply look at the historical charts to pinpoint if you have an on-going problem, with a product being priced too high or being out of stock multiple days in a row.

Once you’ve corrected on-going issues, like a product continually being out of stock, you can use alerts to identify and correct sporadic issues.



Few shoppers look past the buy box when making a purchase decision. Even if you’re listed as a secondary seller, it’s unlikely that a shopper will take the time to evaluate your listing, especially when it’s buried among offers from a number of other sellers. So take charge of the Buy Box with automated alerting and start winning the Buy Box every time on


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