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How to Find Out When Competitors Launch New Products in Your Category

If only there was a way to be automatically alerted when competitors launch new products in your category—you’d know right away when you needed to launch a new product of your own to keep up. For years, tracking when competitors launch new products has been a time consuming process, if you could track those new product introductions at all.

Make Your Products Stand Out with Content26 and Content Analytics

Since its founding in 2004, content26 has distinguished itself as a leading creator of search optimized-content for Amazon, Walmart and other online retailers. That's why we're excited to partner with content26 to bring their content creation services to Content Analytics clients.


GDSN Support from Content Analytics

Content Analytics has always been a leader when it comes to connecting directly from our Product Information Management (PIM) system to eCommerce retailers. Direct connections give us the ability to deliver product descriptions, images and videos from brands to retailers. And more recently, with our rich media support, we can host and deliver marketing content, interactive content like Buy...

Utilize User-Generated Content with Pixlee and Content Analytics Partnership

When it comes to product content, creating the right content can be as hard as organizing and updating that content on retailer websites. Now with partners like Pixlee, we make finding and creating the right content from within our Master Catalog easy too.

Introducing VendorSCOR™ - The First End to End Content Management Solution for Retailers

Recently the Twittersphere has been full of consumers posting about misleading product information that resulted in surprising purchases – stories of shoppers thinking they ordered a pair of cheap leggings or an affordable rug, only to find out the products were a better fit for a doll and her doll house.

Why Monitor A Problem If You Don’t Fix It?

A few weeks ago, I was watching TV with my kids on a Friday night. A commercial started playing and for some reason I watched it instead of looking at product pages for our customers on (you know, to give our spiders a break).

Content Analytics' First Mover Report: See Your Pricing the Exact Same Way the Retailers Do.

 Content Analytics' First Mover Report Levels the Playing Field.

There is no greater market research tool than pure observation. Watching our customers manage big problems and listening to them when they explain what obstacles they face in the online retail space is the best homework we do. We ask a lot of questions, and then we listen to answers, especially about what kind of tools companies...

Available Now! Bricks to Clicks: Why Some Brands Will Thrive in E-Commerce and Others Won’t

Learn how to sell online. Real-world case studies and market insights from the world’s largest brands reveal what the best brands are doing right to win online. Gain knowledge of best practices that enable brands and retailers to survive and thrive in the dynamic, fast-paced, and highly competitive world of e-commerce.

Introducing: Where to Buy

Great product content drives conversion, and that content will live in many places, including your brand website. With Where to Buy, it's easy to take advantage of the great conversion-driving content on your website. It's an easy-to-implement solution that connects visitors with product purchase. With one simple click, the Where to Buy widget lets your visitors see which online retailers sell...

Acosta and Content Analytics Partner to Deliver End to End eCommerce Solutions

Consumer packaged goods brands benefit from dashboard solutions

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. & JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – March 29, 2017 – Content Analytics, Inc., an innovator in eCommerce management solutions, today announces a strategic partnership with Acosta, a leading sales and marketing agency in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. The partnership will enable Acosta to add best-in-class...

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