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What We Can, and Should, Learn from Nordstrom

This week, at least one headline caught your eye: nearly half all online purchases in 2017 will go to Amazon. (Feel free to sit back and process that for a minute.) Stated another way: of the $450-something billion being spent online this year, a study shows that $196.75 billion of that will go directly into the coffers of Amazon. That’s 4% of all U.S. retail.

Creative Retailers: Leading the Way to a New Era

For those of you who have been following along at home (or, more likely, work), we’ve been talking a lot about the so-called retail apocalypse. Yes, there have been a lot of stores that are failing, and while online retail is a huge contributor, it’s far from the only one. We’ve also pointed out that aggressive and creative brand strategies are necessary for survival.


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