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Bricks to Clicks Podcast: George Kiley and Jamie Harding from One Connected Community

Get inspired with our latest podcast featuring George Kiley, Author and Ted Talk Veteran, and Jamie Harding, Head of Research, and both co-founders of One Connected Community. Listen in for a refreshing conversation about customer-first thinking, the importance of customer expectations, and how creating a culture around the customer can elevate your brand, your company, and drive innovation. 

Content Analytics Talks to Walmart’s Global Chief of Content, Ram Rampalli

This week on our featured podcast, Bricks to Clicks, Content Analytics founder, author, and CEO David Feinleib sits down with Ram Rampalli, Senior Director and Chief Content Evangelist at Walmart Global eCommerce. Ram has a complex and vital role at Walmart, and during his tenure, he has increased content across the retail giant’s website 20-fold. His primary focus is strengthening the product...

Bricks to Clicks Podcast: eCommerce & Amazon Expert, Melissa Burdick

In this episode, David talks with eCommerce & Amazon expert and consultant, Melissa Burdick. Listen to Melissa talk about the challenges that some large brands have with the transition from offline to online and what they can do to start winning online. Dave and Melissa also discuss the current Amazon price war, ways to structure your organization for eCommerce success, and what retailers are...

Bricks to Clicks Podcast: eCommerce Outlook with Joe Schoendorf

In this episode, David talks with Silicon Valley visionary, Joe Schoendorf, about what the future holds for eCommerce. With fifty-one years in Silicon Valley and positions at companies like Hewlett-Packard, Apple, and venture capital firm Accel, he's got his finger on the pulse of eCommerce. Tune in and get Joe's perspective on the future of eCommerce. It's an episode you don't want to miss!

Bricks to Clicks Podcast: eCommerce Strategy with Mark Stamps, Sales Director of the Walmart Team for Philips NA

How does Mark Stamps, Sales Director of the Walmart team for Philips North America think about eCommerce and the transition from bricks to clicks?  Get the inside scoop on what this industry leader thinks about dynamic pricing, inventory management, product content, and a customer-first approach to eCommerce.

Bricks to Clicks Podcast: The State of eCommerce with Bryan Gildenberg, Kantar Retail

Step into the mind of renowned retail expert and Kantar Retail Chief Knowledge Officer, Bryan Gildenberg, as he gives listeners masterful insight into the state of eCommerce today and what’s around the corner. What can we learn from China, India, France, and the UK? How should brands be thinking about private label? What does the future hold for eGrocery, augmented reality, virtual reality,...

Bricks to Clicks Podcast: An Insider View on the Walmart Acquisitions and Changing eCommerce Marketplace

In this episode, Dave talks with Walmart veteran and VP of Partnerships & Business Development at Content Analytics, Kenji Gjovig, about the strategy behind the recent and numerous retailer acquisitions by Listen now and learn about the changing eCommerce marketplace, why findability and shopability are so important, and what suppliers should be focusing on to stay ahead in the...

Bricks to Clicks Podcast: Crucial Steps Brands Can Take to Win Online

Welcome to our inaugural episode of Bricks to Clicks, a podcast presented by Content Analytics and hosted by author, CEO, and entrepreneur, David Feinleib. Tune in and hear experts in the field of eCommerce talk about industry trends and insider tips to help brands start winning online. In this episode, David talks with experts in retail and eCommerce, Alli Meyer-Golden and Fred Rodriguez,...


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