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Understanding Content Sources and Prioritization in E-Commerce

You might think that when you submit product content to a retailer, it will go live on the retailer’s web site—end of story. But getting content live is harder than it looks. Fortunately, solutions exist, but it’s worth educating yourself about how the area of content syndication is rapidly evolving. Supply Side—SuppliersHistorically, content for CPG products was created by third parties...

PIM Systems Are Hard: The unreasonable difficulty of delivering great product content

Product Information Management (PIM) systems provide brands a better way to manage product content. Centralizing product content not only makes it more efficient to work with, it also makes it easier to keep that content updated on retailer sites.

Product Content Workflow: Choosing The Right Approach [CSP ROI Part 4]

In our last post, we looked at some of the key capabilities that CSP platforms, and in particular, Digital Merchandising Platforms (DMPs), the next generation of CSP platforms, bring to brands. As E-Commerce continues to evolve, leading brands like PepsiCo are making DMPs an integral part of their overall E-Commerce strategy.

14 Key Content Service Provider Capabilities You Need to Know About [CSP ROI Part 3]

In our previous installments, we looked at the overall item workflow as it relates to the CSP ecosystem. In this installment, we look at key capabilities that Content Service Providers who offer Product Information Management (PIM) and Syndication capabilities provide to make your ECommerce operations more efficient and scalable:

The CSP ROI Part 2: End to End Workflow

In our last post, we looked at some of the reasons a brand/vendor should consider working with a CSP. This time we’ll focus on the end-to-end workflow that CSPs can help with, from getting items live all the way to ensuring that content has gone live and items are for sale.


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