VendorSCOR™ Elevates Content Quality for Retailers, Vendors, and Shoppers

VendorSCOR™ Elevates Content Quality for Retailers, Vendors, and Shoppers

By Kenji Gjovig,VP Partnerships & Business Development

At Content Analytics, we strive to address the interests and concerns of all constituents of the eCommerce ecosystem. Our founder and CEO built what is now one of the most robust and adaptable KPI dashboards in the marketplace by spending time in the literal trenches at Walmart. There, he learned that the challenges facing both large retailers and brands were largely the same: missing information from product pages was impacting how consumers both discovered and purchased products online.

Developing a product that marries the experience of shoppers, vendors, and retailers is, to put it mildly, complex stuff. What’s surprised me the most since I came onboard as the VP of product here is how much listening is required in this industry. We spend a lot of time listening to brands about the massive undertaking that is optimizing and maintaining their online catalogs. We spend as much time listening to retailers tell us about how tough it is to communicate the importance of content quality and management to their vendors.

As developers: we all want big breakthroughs. It’s a rare moment when a product rings all the bells for all of your partners. Sometimes, though, it all comes together, which is one of the reasons I’m so proud of our team and the launch of VendorSCOR.

I knew we were onto something special and (dare I say it?) unique in the eCommerce marketplace. I’m always proud of my team and the work we do here. When I see the world at large agree with me, I’m humbled and grateful to know that, we got it right.

VendorSCOR: What the Press Had to Say

After the official launch, we were very lucky to get some love from many of our favorite industry publications. Their coverage describes the product so well, I’m going to let them do the talking from here on out.

From MarTech ad Marketing Land:

Vendorscor success martech

“The Scorecards notify brands about missing images, wordy product titles, lack of reviews and other content issues that could affect sales.”

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vendorscor wwd

From Women’s Wear Daily:

“With VendorSCOR, retailers can send brands customized vendor scorecards, notifying them about the relevant product content in need of attention and editing. Based on that, brands can optimize their content on product pages, leading to superior web site quality, better customer experiences and higher conversion rates overall — as well as stronger relationships between retailers and brands.”

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From the official announcement:

“As one of the first major retailers to partner with Content Analytics on the VendorSCOR offering, Target will focus on using vendor scorecarding to prepare for the rapidly approaching holiday season.

“As a trusted retailer, we need to ensure that our guests have a consistent brand experience both instore and online,” said Michelle Winter, Director of Product Content at Target, “Content Analytics enables us to optimize our digital content, giving the guest the product information they need, when they need it, to feel confident shopping with Target.””

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If you’d like to learn more about how VendorSCOR can increase site quality and communication with brands, contact us for a live demo.


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