What’s Missing from Your Online Product Listings?

What’s Missing from Your Online Product Listings?

Our Latest eBook Teaches You What to Fix and Where to Fix It

How well you’re optimizing your online product features can mean all the difference between page one search results on major retailers, or not showing up at all. It’s a given that your marketing and product teams need to keep your product catalogs up to date, but is the team focusing their energy on the right types of categorization, product naming, and keyword optimization?

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Get Smarter About How Your Customers Search

Our newest eBook, “Content Health, Search Rankings, and Revenue: Making a Case for Improved Product Listings” illustrates how subtle and specific tweaks to your product pages can lead to huge upticks in discoverability and revenue.

In the book, we discuss how to:

  • Quantify search data
  • Define the main types of customer search behavior
  • Effectively communicate specific product features
  • Convert the curious browser into an active buyer

Case Studies

Our editorial team constructs compelling narratives from data that demonstrates specifically how product names and attributions impact the search results for painkillers on the top online department stores. We hope our readers can use this specific information to translate to success with their online product suites, and eventually help their products land on the top spots on search pages.

Who Should Read This Book?

This compendium provides detailed and targeted information that informs anyone in the field of online sales and marketing. If you’re professionally involved in SEO and retail, it will strengthen your understanding of current search paradigms and how to leverage them effectively with multi-channel retailers.

All marketing pros will learn from the granular data and analysis we collected including:

  • Online Marketers
  • Catalog and Brand Managers
  • Category Managers
  • Channel Managers
  • SEO Managers and Marketers
  • Content Marketers
  • Online Sales Managers

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