Quick and Easy 360 Views - How to Make Your Product Pages Interactive

Quick and Easy 360 Views - How to Make Your Product Pages Interactive

360 Views are a great way to add interactivity to your product pages. By providing your shopper with more than a couple product photos, they give the shopper a complete view of your product. And now they’re included with our Rich Media package.

What Are 360 Views?

Here’s a look at a 360 degree view of a chair from our client Dorel. Dorel provided us with the necessary images, we uploaded them for Dorel and then pushed the necessary code live to the retailer. Their 360 View for this product was live in a matter of minutes.

Here's what it looks like on the retailer's site:


360 views interactive tour

Once the user clicks on the "360 Rotation" link, they see the popup and can interact with the player to rotate the chair:

360 views rotation

You can check out Dorel's live page here.

You can also easily embed our 360 player in your web site, like this:


How Do 360 Views Work?

From a technical perspective, 360’s are a series of product photos combined with a player that displays those images at the right speed. The player includes interactive controls that let the shopper start and stop the rotation so they can look at different sides of their item.

Just like cartoons are a series of still images set in motion, 360 degree views operate much the same way. When there are enough images and they are displayed fast enough, but not too fast, the viewer sees the object moving.


Creating 360 Views for Your Products

360 Views are easy to set up. We have two great options: self-serve and fully managed.


Our self-serve editor is easy to use. Simply upload all of your product images for your item, preview the 360 degree view, and click submit. Our system will submit the necessary code to the retailer. Once live, our hosted player displays the images and makes it easy for shoppers to see a 360 degree view of your product. 

Our self-serve option is the best choice for clients that already have imagery or have an easy way to produce the imagery needed for 360’s. You can also embed this viewer directly in pages on your own website.

Fully Managed

With our fully-managed service, you ship us the merchandise and we take it from there. We’ll photograph your products, upload them to the Master Catalog, and publish them to the retailer. Of course, you can always review and approve the 360 View before it goes live.


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