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Gone Grill: The Online Traits of Best-Selling BBQ Grills

In a recent post, ShelfRank™ “content health scores” was discussed and how brands’ scores correspond to online conversion. In response to our post, we received a lot of smart and insightful questions, ranging from the curious (“which items go into ShelfRank?”) to the not-so-subtle (“tell me exactly how many photos I need on my product page”).To answer these questions, we did another deep dive...

Amazon and Nike: A Marriage Made for Male Millennials

Just last week, Nike and Amazon announced a mega partnership. If you missed the news: an analyst at Goldman on Wednesday hinted that Nike is considering selling its products directly on Amazon. Nike was previously only available on the retail giant’s platform through third-party sellers. On the heels of Amazon’s multitude of recent moves, this alignment points to the company’s Prime Wardrobe...

Amazon and Whole Foods: Hype vs. Facts

Moments like this are rare in our business: last week, even in an era full of dramatic news cycles, nothing garnered more attention than Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods.

Amazon May Decide How You Buy Groceries

The story of the day, and maybe one of the most important of 2017, is that Amazon just agreed to purchase Whole Foods for $13.4 billion. This comes in the wake of Whole Foods’ investors looking for some leadership changes, namely because of dipping market share and plummeting stock prices. Amazon agreed to pay $42/share (a nice 27% boost from its current trading value) and, for now, will keep ...

Bricks to Clicks Podcast: eCommerce & Amazon Expert, Melissa Burdick

In this episode, David talks with eCommerce & Amazon expert and consultant, Melissa Burdick. Listen to Melissa talk about the challenges that some large brands have with the transition from offline to online and what they can do to start winning online. Dave and Melissa also discuss the current Amazon price war, ways to structure your organization for eCommerce success, and what retailers are...

eCommerce Content Rankings (Father's Day Edition): Which Power Tool Brands Are In The ShelfRank™ Top 5?

eCommerce has challenged brand managers in almost every category, and power tools are no exception. Brands now market in both offline and online channels to an ever-widening range of consumers – from the “truly handy” to the “YouTube handy.” In eCommerce, this means providing online retailers with accurate, detailed content for the former, while offering pretty pictures and safety warnings for...

Available Now! Bricks to Clicks: Why Some Brands Will Thrive in E-Commerce and Others Won’t

Learn how to sell online. Real-world case studies and market insights from the world’s largest brands reveal what the best brands are doing right to win online. Gain knowledge of best practices that enable brands and retailers to survive and thrive in the dynamic, fast-paced, and highly competitive world of e-commerce.

Bricks to Clicks Podcast: eCommerce Outlook with Joe Schoendorf

In this episode, David talks with Silicon Valley visionary, Joe Schoendorf, about what the future holds for eCommerce. With fifty-one years in Silicon Valley and positions at companies like Hewlett-Packard, Apple, and venture capital firm Accel, he's got his finger on the pulse of eCommerce. Tune in and get Joe's perspective on the future of eCommerce. It's an episode you don't want to miss!

Mattel and Content Analytics: Finding Success Together

Our team has been working with one of the largest toy companies in the world – Mattel – to help them overcome some fundamental challenges that every brand faces online: improving their overall content health, lowering out of stock rates, and streamlining third-party sales channels. This year, things have been heading in a very positive direction for the stalwart brand, so much so that ...


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