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The Content Service Provider ROI Part 1: Do You Need a CSP?

ECommerce now represents nearly 50% of total retail growth. As a result, brands need to scale faster and more efficiently to stay ahead. That’s why the world’s leading retailers like Amazon and Walmart and brands like PepsiCo, P&G, and others partner with Content Service Providers (CSPs) like Content Analytics to optimize their product content and scale online sales. 

In this series we'll...

Munchkin: Parenting and eCommerce

Here’s the thing they don’t tell you about parenting and eCommerce.

Brands and the Amazon Algorithm

If you haven’t read it, Bloomberg’s recent article Amazon’s Clever Machines Are Moving From the Warehouse to Headquarters is a must-read on the future of the business of E-Commerce.

Make Your Products Stand Out with Content26 and Content Analytics

Since its founding in 2004, content26 has distinguished itself as a leading creator of search optimized-content for Amazon, Walmart and other online retailers. That's why we're excited to partner with content26 to bring their content creation services to Content Analytics clients.


Content Analytics - Must Have Capabilities

After my most recent blog post, How to Launch 100 New Features a Week and Still Sleep at Night, more than a few people asked me of all those features, which one was my favorite.

How Sport Squad Accelerates Their eCommerce Sales with Content Analytics

If you’ve ever played a game of Ping Pong, Foosball or Air Hockey, you’ve probably played on a Sport Squad table. Recently I was on a call with Sport Squad’s business analyst. I came away extremely impressed by the company’s knowledge of and sophistication when it comes to eCommerce.

Why Including This Piece of Information in Product Pages Is Brilliant

When you’re in the business of helping brands sell more online, every detail of a product page stands out. That’s why, when we saw an interesting new piece of information on Amazon's product pages, we knew it was a brilliant move.

How to Solve Product Content’s Last Mile Problem

Building on one of my previous posts, “You Can’t Just Drop Your Content Off At The Dock,” I wanted to go into a bit more detail about the last mile problem when it comes to product content—and how the Content Analytics platform can help you solve it.

10 Essential Factors That Drive eCommerce Brand Success

Just as you wouldn’t drive a car without a speedometer, fly a plane without an altimeter, or go scuba diving without a depth gauge, it simply doesn’t make sense to take action in eCommerce without the right set of monitoring capabilities in place to tell you how you’re doing. 

And just as an altimeter isn’t much use without an airplane, a speedometer isn’t much use without gas and brake...

How to Launch 100 New Features a Week - And Still Sleep at Night

100 new features a week is a lot.

No doubt about it.

But when you work in eCommerce, things move at light speed. That means we need to move ultra-fast while keeping quality high.

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