Content Analytics - Must Have Capabilities

Content Analytics - Must Have Capabilities

After my most recent blog post, How to Launch 100 New Features a Week and Still Sleep at Night, more than a few people asked me of all those features, which one was my favorite.

As our product team will tell you, I live and breathe our product, so it wasn’t too hard for me to think of a few capabilities I really liked. But which ones are my absolute favorites? It's a tough choice to make. Here are five great capabilities of our platform that come to mind:

The Dashboard

This is a great capability that we initially developed with a large CPG. Back in 2016 (a virtual eternity in eCommerce time—before Walmart bought Jet and Amazon bought Whole Foods) I was sitting with a CPG executive who showed me a PDF he received that summarized his division’s performance in eCommerce. With his team looking on, he drew on a whiteboard the eCommerce dashboard that he wanted. He wanted something that in near real-time showed him the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that he cared about.

I was so energized after that meeting that I spec’d out most of the Dashboard on the flight home. Six weeks later we had the first version of it up and running and ever since then it’s come to be known as the Dashboard.

The Master Catalog

Our Master Catalog has everything you need in a cloud-based Product Information Management (PIM) system and nothing you don’t. The Master Catalog is where we store your product content, such as product descriptions, images, videos, rich media, supply chain attributes, and nutrition facts. If you can associate it with a UPC, a GTIN or some other ID, we can store it and syndicate it to your retailer partners.

What I love about this capability is how easy it is to start using. We can have a new customer up and running, setting up new items, and updating product content in a matter of a few days or even a few hours.

Geo Reporting

This feature was suggested to us by our partners at Heineken. As you can imagine, with online grocery shopping on the rise, it’s more important than ever to make sure that products are in stock for shoppers to buy. But not just to buy—to buy and pick up in-store.

With Amazon buying Whole Foods and Walmart looking to expand its click and collect footprint from 1,200 stores to more than 2,000 by year’s end, online grocery has gained increased focus nearly everywhere. That means suppliers need a way to track their online assortment associated with those stores, and determine if their products are available for purchase.

That’s where our Geo Report comes in—it solves the problem of trying to track hundreds or thousands of products across thousands of different locations.


 Learn more about our Geo Reporting here: Content Analytics' Geo-Tracking for Click and Collect Report


Vendor Scorecard

In February, we announced the launch of VendorSCOR with Target. This program takes hundreds of thousands of products on, analyzes them, and sends scorecards to Target’s many suppliers.

Suppliers are able to quickly see opportunities for improvement—from images that need to be added to product descriptions that need to be completed. They can see how they’re doing over time—and Target’s merchants can quickly identify which suppliers are improving and which aren’t.

The Master Catalog is how you take action—VendorSCOR is how you know what actions to take. Suppliers can see the same metrics that their merchants see, making it easy for Target and its suppliers to align on key metrics and improve them.

My Favorite Feature That We Don’t Have

My favorite feature that we don’t have is a long, cumbersome setup process. I’ve been on both sides of enterprise setup and configuration processes, as both a buyer and a vendor. When I started Content Analytics, I committed to making sure our customers could start getting value from our products quickly—in eCommerce time.

That’s one of the reasons I was do delighted when our partners at Dorel were able to achieve a 380% ROI in just two months using our platform.



Have a favorite feature? Email me and let me know. I’ll try to write about it in a future post.

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