How Mattel Accelerated Item Setup Time on by More Than 300% [Case Study]

How Mattel Accelerated Item Setup Time on by More Than 300% [Case Study]

Every year, Mattel, the world’s largest toy maker, sets up thousands of new items on Historically, new item setup (the process of submitting new items to the retailer and pushing them live) was an extremely time-consuming and manual process, as well as one that was hard to monitor and fulfill.

With Content Analytics, Mattel:

  • Was able to set up more than 10,000 new items
  • Reduced its “time to orderable” to just over two days
  • Improved eCommerce workflow efficiency by 303%

When you’re dealing with thousands of SKUs across multiple channels, having the right tools and data consolidated in one place helps pinpoint exactly where to accelerate change,” says Erica Zubriski, VP Sales, Mattel, on why she and Mattel selected Content Analytics to systemize item setup.

Before implementing Content Analytics: the hours spent completing, editing, submitting and tracking item setup took the team’s valuable time away from the key priorities of selling Mattel products to its retail customers. What’s more, Mattel representatives had limited visibility, often not knowing until errors had already been made whether or not the item setup process was successful. 

1 copy-2In 2017, Mattel was able to setup more than 10,000 new items on through Content Analytics

1 copy 2-2Mattel's new items are orderable in just over two days resulting in more sales and potential reorders.

1 copy 3-2With Content Analytics, Mattel improved efficiency by 303%.


In 2017, Mattel partnered with Content Analytics to:

  • Leverage our easy-to-use item setup interface to set up more than 10,000 new items
  • Engage Content Analytics’ intuitive Product Information Management (PIM) system, which has direct back-end integration with, for real-time publishing
  • Harvest our unparalleled knowledge of Walmart item setup requirements to improve Mattel’s holistic, end to end eCommerce product management system

Content Analytics’ automated, cloud-based, end to end item setup and Product Information Management solution resulted in significantly reduced errors during initial item setup submission compare to what Mattel had historically experienced. That, in turn, produced an increased first-time success rate for newly submitted items, and greater efficiencies in the overall item setup process. Moreover, Content Analytics provided Mattel with visibility into the status of items, with automatic notifications when items are ready to order.

Using its industry-leading approach, Content Analytics was able to achieve a record “time to orderable” for Mattel of just over two days. The toy giant now publishes items online faster than ever before.


Mattel’s improved speed to market boasts three key benefits for the toy maker:

  • Time savings. Team members now spend more time executing market-winning sales strategies rather than manually editing and re-editing item setup spreadsheets.
  • Increased search visibility. By getting items online first, both Mattel and Walmart benefit from increased search engine visibility. Internet search engines place significant weight on original content. So, by increasing speed to market, Mattel ensures that its Walmart pages are the first benefit from fresh, unique content that search engines prioritize.
  • Increased sales. The faster Mattel’s items are setup, the faster merchants at Walmart publish those items live to the retailer’s website and sell them. This allows for increased sales for Mattel and Walmart, along with a greater number of potential reorders.

Key Takeaways

  • With more than 10,000 new items to setup throughout the year, Mattel relies on Content Analytics to ensure its products get online as fast as possible.
  • Mattel’s sales team spends less time editing cumbersome spreadsheets and more time selling.
  • Mattel achieves greater search engine discoverability for its items, a higher number of potential reorders, and increased sales.


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