Introducing ContentSCOR: Content Quality Competitive Benchmarking

Introducing ContentSCOR: Content Quality Competitive Benchmarking

For a number of years, we’ve been the industry standard when it comes to reporting on Content Quality. We’ve measured Content Quality based on best practices we defined in partnership with the industry’s leading retailers. But we wanted to take our Content Quality scoring to the next level.


ContentSCOR for Retailers and Brands


Today we’re introducing ContentSCOR with Content Quality Competitive Benchmarking.

Now, in addition to telling you how your content scores relative to industry best practices, we can show you how your product content compares across retailers. 

ContentSCOR competitive benchmarking

Think your brand's best content is on Retailer A and your content on Retailer B is falling behind?

Don't waste time comparing product detail pages one at a time.

Let us check for you.

We'll tell you exactly where you need to make improvements - and help you get those improvements live.



To learn more about Content Analytics and our ContentSCOR for Retailers and ContentSCOR for Brands offering, please contact us via the button below. 

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