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Valentine’s Day Data Roundup

Valentine’s Day in terms of overall spending ranks fourth annually after the holiday season, and Mother’s Day (still #2). This year, according to the NRF, it will rack up an impressive $19.6 billion in revenue, impressive considering that it dipped down to $16B in 2007. The day represents a drop in the bucket compared to the staggering holiday spending totals, but it still deserves thoughtful...

Millennials: Shopping the Way into the Future

When it comes to online shopping, Millennials hold all the proverbial cards. They average the highest internet usage every month, and, according to Goldman Sachs, they are the savviest shopping generation in U.S. history with 57% of them comparing prices in store to online product info.

How Do People Search on Valentine's Day? [Infographic]

Valentine's Day is next week and as a consumer: you either love or hate it. As a retailer or a brand: you’ve got to cozy up to it and grab those eyeballs while you can. We put together some info we thought might help. Enjoy!

How Data and Product Content Management Will Lead the Way in 2018

We’ve been talking about 2018, and what we think the big stories are going to be this year. You can read our first post here and our second, with insights and some pretty fantastic wisdom (along with his signature humor) from our VP of Business Development Kenji Gjovig, here.

Thoughts from our VP on 2017 and Winning in 2018

Last week: we shared our thoughts about the trends and stories that will shape and change retail in 2018. Why stop there? Content Analytics’ VP of Partnerships and Business Development Kenji Gjovig shares his thoughts on the stories and developments that shaped 2017 and what we should all be paying attention to this year.

5 eCommerce Trends We're Following in 2018

While there are some trends that are so obvious they don’t need mentioning (Mobile shopping will increase! Companies and consumers will use social media platforms for eCommerce a lot more!)  there are others that we’re following that are just as intriguing and not as widely covered.

Bricks to Clicks: Competing in an Omnichannel World

Bricks to Clicks: Chapter Nine Summary

In our ninth (and final) post in our “Bricks to Clicks” summary series, (you can read our last post HERE), we’re talking about chapter nine of Content Analytics founder and CEO David Feinleib’s book Bricks to Clicks: Why Some Brands Will Thrive in E-Commerce and Others Won't. 

[White Paper] Identifying and Implementing Product Page Best Practices

As more and more shoppers turn to the web or a mobile device as their primary shopping outlet, they rely increasingly on what they read online. Brands and sellers are learning that they need to invest as much time, energy and resources into the quality of their product pages as they do every other aspect of product development.

Content Analytics eBook: Winning in Online Assortment

The Content Analytics platform does many things and solves many data and content management problems for eCommerce. If you think of our cloud-based solution as a bridge between brands and retailers and note our history of working with many of the largest of both, you can come to understand and appreciate the unique knowledge base that gives us in a variety of areas.

How the eCommerce Flywheel Feeds Online Success

Bricks to Clicks: Chapter Eight Summary

In our eighth post in our “Bricks to Clicks” summary series, (you can read our last post HERE) this week, we’re talking about chapter eight of Content Analytics founder and CEO David Feinleib’s book Bricks to Clicks: Why Some Brands Will Thrive in E-Commerce and Others Won't.

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