Munchkin: Parenting and eCommerce

Munchkin: Parenting and eCommerce

Here’s the thing they don’t tell you about parenting and eCommerce.

Most of your purchase decisions will be made late at night, many of them on your mobile phone, with the benefit of four, maybe five hours of sleep—if you’re lucky!

And no matter how many items you’re fortunate enough to receive from friends and family, there will be dozens more you still need (or want) to buy. Diapers. Jackets. Hats. Jumpers. And toys. Lots and lots of toys.

You’ll also need things that help with feeding. Bottles. Bottle warmers. Formula. And later on… spoons. Spoons in red. Spoons in yellow. Spoons in blue, green, and orange.


munchkinIt was around the time that I was trying to figure out whether we needed three or six packs of spoons that I talked with Jeff Spears, VP of Digital Sales and Marketing at Munchkin.

Building Trust With Consumers

When I met Jeff, I knew I had met a kindred spirit. You see, Jeff is truly passionate about the products that Munchkin creates for babies. He also brings an unparalleled level of insight into the information consumers are looking for when they buy products for their kids.

What I believe Jeff understands in a deep and very profound way is that when it comes to eCommerce shopping, consumers are looking for sources of information they can trust:

  • Content - Trust that what they see on web pages really represents the products they’ll receive.
  • Functionality - Trust that the products they’re buying are going to work.
  • Value - And trust that they’re paying a fair price.

How Munchkin Uses The Content Analytics Platform

When Jeff first bought the Content Analytics platform, he bought it for monitoring reviews. Because reviews are key to understanding how shoppers feel about your products.

The Munchkin team quickly expanded their usage of the platform to take advantage of our out of stock alerting and product content reporting and updating capabilities. They wanted to deliver the best product content possible so that shoppers buying Munchkin products would know exactly what they were buying—and so that when they received those products, they would get exactly what they expected.

It was some time afterward that I got to talk to Jeff live. And what a great conversation it was. I was overjoyed that Jeff liked our platform—and equally excited that he had incredible ideas for additional functionality.

Creating The Future of E-Commerce Together

The core of Jeff’s idea for enhancements was this: could we show him the information he needed in context:

  • Pricing - Prices compared to the average price of items for his category.
  • Reviews - Reviews compared with average rating and review counts for his category.
  • Content - not just a measure of Munchkin product content—but in the context of the category.

With that context, he would gain insight into what was working and where Munchkin products were standing out, but he would also quickly know where there were opportunities in a given category. As an example, a great product in a category with low quality products could be a standout while also solving a real need for parents.

Partnering with Our Customers

One thing I’ve realized in building Content Analytics is that I have so much to learn from our customers. That’s why I’m thankful when we can turn their ideas for new product capabilities into reality.

We were able to incorporate Jeff's requirements in a matter of weeks, enabling us not only to deliver actionable insights, but actionable insights in the context of the bigger picture.

So thanks Jeff for sharing your insights with us—and please, keep on making more great products! I know our son and many other kids will be extremely grateful.

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