The Content Service Provider ROI Part 1: Do You Need a CSP?

The Content Service Provider ROI Part 1: Do You Need a CSP?

ECommerce now represents nearly 50% of total retail growth. As a result, brands need to scale faster and more efficiently to stay ahead. That’s why the world’s leading retailers like Amazon and Walmart and brands like PepsiCo, P&G, and others partner with Content Service Providers (CSPs) like Content Analytics to optimize their product content and scale online sales. 

In this series we'll explore:

  • What is a CSP?
  • Should you work with a CSP?
  • How can you maximize value from your CSP?

Do I Need A Content Service Provider?

In a word, yes.

But I’m biased.

That’s because I’ve spent thousands of hours working with suppliers large and small to optimize their ECommerce workflows so they can grow their online sales even faster.

I’ve watched their salespeople burn through hour after hour trying to complete tedious item setup forms.

I’ve watched their content management teams try to revert content changes made through a retailer’s portal, generate links for thousands of images, or figure out why they’re losing the buy box on Amazon and Walmart. Having to do these tasks over and over without the right software tools wastes valuable time and resources. 

Great CSP platforms take all of these tasks and make them scalable and repeatable so brands can operate at ECommerce speed. They provide a place for brands to store their digital product content and make it easy to syndicate that content to multiple retailers, including connecting to retailer APIs and automatically generating item update templates. The very best platforms include integrated auditing capabilities to ensure content goes live and stays live.

Of course, there’s little point in putting so much effort into great product content if those products aren’t going to be for sale when shoppers are looking for them. Modern, end-to-end Digital Merchandising Platforms couple these core CSP features with comprehensive digital shelf reporting and alerting. That includes all-important out of stock, price and buy box alerts.


Accelerate Your ECommerce Growth with the Right Software

With the right software tools, you can:

  • Deliver a consistent brand experience online
  • Update content across multiple retailers with fewer manual steps
  • Reduce the amount of time spent in complex spreadsheets
  • Store product images, videos and descriptions in a central location for easy access
  • Setup items for sale online faster than ever before

The faster and more easily you can do all these activities, the faster you can scale your eCommerce business. That means more sales and higher profit margins.

Going without the right set of software tools in ECommerce is like trying to conduct business without email or make calls without a cell phone. It can be done, but it will be highly inefficient. 

So the real question to ask yourself isn’t: Can I afford a CSP?
The real question is: What will it cost me not to have a CSP? 

In our next segment, we’ll share with you the key components of an effective CSP workflow—including how to get out of time-consuming spreadsheet templates and back into growing your online sales. 

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